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Please keep returning to this page as shortly we shall be offering lots more items less than half price, such as fronts panels we don’t have the end panels to match because of  shade differences etc, but hey who says you should have the same colour on the front as you do the sides?

We have some front shades that we don’t have any end/side shades for as we ram out of the material and couldn't get anymore to make the side/end shades so we have decided to offer these fronts at bargain prices supplies are limited and if you don't see the size here you wanted we are sorry buy don’t have it.

Please bear in mind whilst we have photographed these if your computer  is set at a  different resolution than from ours you may see them darker or lighter than they actually are.

These are offered for sale under the following terms and conditions:

They are sold as seen and we don’t accept returns should you not like them.

We only have a few of some widths

And as we only update the site once a day should we sell out of an item we will issue a refund if you not lucky enough to grab one before someone else buys the last one.

We are unable to supply you with end/side panels to match them.

They are older than our latest winblockers and do not have our new fastening system at the base, they have simple elastic loops at the base to attach to tent pegs, we are unable to update them,

All sizes are approximate the height of all front panels is 77-78” nearly 200cms .


We have a few Bamboo END SHADES TO GO WE DON’T HAVE ANY MORE Bamboo cloth so can’t make any front panels for them but a charcoal front with Bamboo ends go very well together. Should you wish to purchase a  charcoal front to go with your ends please ring us on 07708770028 as the website will add further postage on but y ringing we can avoid that.

These are the older type ends and do not have the wrap bit on the corner so we are offering them at £25 each plus postage either with or without poles the postage has been added to the price which is £10 for a pair without poles & £15 a pair with poles.

Also available a few fly screen doors in Bamboo normally £17.50 each today only £7.50 each plus £5 postage (the lead makes the postage big)


A weaker shade of burgundy

Denser than our present windblockers so

Blocks out more sun


A dense material blocks out all the sun so a 150 wide one is perfect for sliding along your rail as required


We post these out by 2nd class recorded delivery £5 is added at checkout

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with or without poles

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