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VW & Panel Van Owners 2 Rear Heights now available

With space at a premium our windblockers with membranes weighing less than 3kilos and packing away into a normal large carrier bag make an invaluable  extra for your vehicle

Sometimes in hot conditions sleeping with the door open can be more comfortable  by dropping the membranes makes this possible..

By rolling the membranes up during the day thus provides an excellent safari room to enjoy your meals and generally relaxing.

Being able to erect & dismantle them in minutes make these perfect for easy touring.

The two poles split into 2 to make them easy stowable.

We mass produce standard height shades for coach built motor homes and we also produce made to measure models at an extra cost  as its obviously quicker if all the sewing machinist are mass producing on one line., So in the past the only way we could produce you a smaller model was to alter a 250 set which would have cost £267 (without poles) or £287 with poles then add the £72 alteration cost making a total of £339 or £359 with poles.

So every February we change the production line for 2 weeks making around 40 sets of these which we can offer you at £249 per set without poles or £269 with poles.

This year we had 23 of these sets ordered and prepaid for so we still have 17 sets left that you may purchase with or without poles.


Please check on the 4th leaf along on top “how to measure”

To understand which dimensions we are referring to.

A=183cm or 191cm  B=175cm =C=190cm E= 250cm

The photos above actually show a special VW SET  measuring 250 long on a 3 metre awning as our poles don’t have to go on the ends. But please remember that the VW set on offer only has a protrusion of 1.9 m so to check yours measure back from the leg to the van level at waist height NOT ON THE FLOOR OR CANVAS

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VW sets with or without poles

We Now make these with a choice of  either

The A measurement Rear Height at van

183cm Tall


191cms Tall